Your First Visit

At your first dental visit, you will be greeted by our dental staff. The hygienist will bring you into one of the dental operatories where she will review your medical history, including any current medications you are taking, allergies, past or current medical illnesses, or surgeries. She will also take your blood pressure. Once the medical history is reviewed, the hygienist will take a full mouth series of digital x-rays. She will also perform an examination of the head, neck, TMJ, and oral tissues. A comprehensive dental cleaning will be completed using scalers and a cavitron. Polishing, flossing, and home care instructions will be given. Dr. Dani will then come in to meet her new patients and give a comprehensive exam. She will review all dental treatments she deems necessary and appropriate for your optimal dental health. Dr. Dani will listen to your dental concerns and questions.

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