Solea Lasers in Fairfield, CT

Solea Lasers in Fairfield, CT

Lasers are being increasingly used in dentistry due to the numerous benefits in terms of shorter treatment times and faster healing. Many children feel understandably nervous while visiting a dentist due to local anesthesia injections, sharp and noisy drills, stitches, and recovery times.

The use of Solea Lasers helps reduce dental anxiety and creates pleasant patient experiences. Please contact our supportive family dentist near you for technology-supported preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments.

Solea Dental Lasers

Solea is a state-of-the-art laser technology developed by Convergent Dental in Boston after years of intensive research. Dental procedures performed with the help of Solea lasers in Fairfield, CT, are needle-free and drill-free, which reduces anxiety levels for most young patients.

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Danielle Pannese, uses Solea lasers to provide suture-free, quick, and anesthesia-free treatments. Time is of the essence for children’s dentistry treatments. Solea lasers near you help us perform children’s dental procedures quickly, reducing anxiety levels for young patients. Since local anesthesia is no longer required, we no longer need to use injections, and this goes a long way in reducing apprehension.

Solea lasers can be used to treat hard as well as soft tissue, and our trained dentist in Fairfield, CT, can treat both tissues comfortably in one visit.

Benefits of Solea Lasers at Dr. Dani Dental

In addition to offering a quieter alternative to noisy and often intimidating drills, Solea lasers offer several other advantages:

  • Thanks to pain reduction, we don’t need to use analgesic injections.
  • The time for procedures is reduced considerably, resulting in faster pain relief.
  • Solea lasers result in less bleeding, and there is less likelihood of needing sutures.

Most importantly, children exhibit far less nervousness and recover faster. The anxiety-free experience helps them become more confident while prepping for future dental treatments. Solea lasers can be used to treat a variety of conditions like gum lesions, cavities, tongue-ties, ulcers, and tooth decay.

Our compassionate family practice at Dr. Dani Dental combines the latest laser technology, 3D scanning techniques, and old-fashioned dental expertise to offer reliable children’s and adult’s treatments under one roof.

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