Digital X-Rays in Fairfield, CT

Digital X-Rays in Fairfield, CT

The advances in dental x-ray technology have led to significant improvements in the accuracy and precision of diagnostic techniques. Our highly trained dentist near you, Dr. Danielle Pannese, uses high-definition images to create targeted treatment plans for your needs.

How Digital X-Rays Work

Digital x-rays in Fairfield, CT, capture in-depth images of all the structures in the oral cavity, including your teeth, gums, nasal areas, sinuses, and jawbone. Our expert dentist at Dr. Dani Dental can detect hidden decay, hard-to-spot cavities, tumors, and abscesses that lurk between the teeth or under the gum line.

State-of-the-art 360-degree scanning helps highlight bone abnormalities, chips, cracks, fractures, and cysts that may not be visible during manual exams. The clear, flat images help our reliable dentist identify the location, nature, and extent of the problem before she determines a suitable treatment to resolve the issue. Undetected cavities and decay can penetrate the tooth pulp or gums and result in inflammation and pain.

The high-precision images improve diagnostic ability and positive treatment outcomes. Digital x-rays near you offer more efficient, safer, and quicker results than standard x-rays.

Digital X-Rays Procedure at Dr. Dani Dental

One of our highly reliable team members will insert a sensor gently into your oral cavity. The sensor instantly captures and transmits images onto a screen in the treatment room. The technique is non-invasive, painless, and quick and saves valuable time. They are safe for use as they are associated with extremely low radiation levels. Our dedicated staff prioritizes your well-being and ensures that our x-ray equipment is exceptionally well-maintained at all times.

Our trained dentist, Dr. Danielle Pannese, can only see the area above the gum line during a visual exam. Areas below the gums like tooth roots, contact areas between teeth, and bone structures remain hidden from view. For example, if you have a tooth infection, digital x-rays at Dr. Dani Dental help us determine the progression of the infection and see the shape of the internal tooth roots. Thanks to the detailed images, our skilled dentist in Fairfield, CT, is able to remove all the infected material with the help of digital x-rays.

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