Can I Get My Teeth Cleaned Without a Dental Exam?

Can I Get My Teeth Cleaned Without a Dental Exam?

April 1, 2022

We all want our teeth and gums to be in perfect shape. No matter how well we brush and floss, we all need to visit a dentist in Fairfield, CT, every six months for dental exams and cleanings in Fairfield, CT. However, most people are confused about why they need to go through a dental exam before having their teeth cleaned. Wouldn’t it just make more sense to schedule a cleaning appointment in the first place than to waste time with a dental exam? Well, it is not as simple as that.

5 Reasons why you should go for a dental exam before a dental cleaning

The following are five reasons you should go for a dental exam before signing up for a dental cleaning.

Discover Other Dental Problems

Most people who walk into a dentist’s office wanting a simple cleaning might actually learn that they have other more serious problems to tend to at first. Once a dentist examines your mouth, he might find out that you have periodontal disease, a few cavities in your mouth, or even an infection. It is highly unlikely that a simple cleaning would do and need special treatment for such problems in such a situation. Hence, it is wiser to get a dental exam before setting an appointment for a cleaning.

It Saves Time

Now, this might come as a surprise to you, but getting a dental exam actually helps save time on your appointments. A dental exam is a rigorous activity and already involves a number of procedures that make it quite tedious. During a dental exam, your dentist in Fairfield, CT, will take a detailed look at your oral structures to make sure everything’s alright.

He’ll make sure you don’t have any cavities or gum problems. Next, he will order some x-rays of your mouth to ensure everything underneath is okay too. Now, if we add dental cleaning to such an appointment, it may end up becoming a really long appointment. If you get your exam in one sitting, you save time on your cleaning appointment.

Patient History

A dental exam is really helpful, especially when it comes to collecting relevant patient history. Most people don’t realize that several protocols go into a simple cleaning. As dentists, we have to make sure that the patient does not have any underlying conditions that could hinder teeth cleaning. For example, patients with pacemakers or prosthetic heart valves cannot directly sit for teeth cleaning. We can’t use ultrasonic scalers to clean people’s teeth with pacemakers. So, it is best you come in for a dental exam before your teeth cleaning.

Type of Cleaning

Depending on the state of your oral hygiene, a dentist may suggest different types of cleaning after examining your teeth. So, to imagine that you can get teeth cleaning straightaway without an exam is futile. A dentist might suggest deep cleaning if you have significantly declined oral health. In other cases, he might only suggest a simple cleaning to make sure everything remains in tip-top shape. Moreover, depending on the kind of teeth cleaning your dentist recommends, you can check whether or not your insurance can cover it. These are all important considerations that you should make before scheduling a cleaning appointment with your dentist.

Know Your Dentist

Finally, a dental exam goes a long way in establishing trust between you and your dentist. You can assess whether your dentist takes an interest in your problems, whether he takes out the time to answer all your queries, and whether you’ll be confident in getting future treatment from him. You should definitely schedule an exam prior to any dental procedure, especially if you’re going to a new dentist. It will help you avoid any unforeseen problems in the future.

Some Final Words

All in all, we can agree that Dental Exams and Cleanings in Fairfield, CT, are extremely important for maintaining and improving your dental hygiene. However, it is more than recommended that you schedule a dental exam before getting a teeth cleaning because of the reasons we have mentioned above. If you still have any queries, you should talk to your dentist beforehand.

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